Monday, February 7, 2011

I go ahead and smile..

I might know less about dating than 14 year-old fashion bloggers. I certainly know less about dating than mums. However, I have learned a lot during the last month.
If it makes you feel constantly anxious and insecure, something might be wrong. If you stop blogging about things that make you happy because you don't tend to be very happy anymore, something is fishy. If you break out in tears over your soy latte in Costa Coffee because your iPod plays "Total Eclipse Of The Heart", something definitely completely went awry, as much as you secretly love Bonnie Tyler. Wasn't that dating thing supposed to be fun?? Personally, I'd much rather be alone than someone else's vanity booster. If neither you nor the person you are dating bother to make each other smile, let it be.
Luckily I got amazing friends. When I have nervous breakdowns at Costa Coffee (once and never again) they send me virtual chocolate unicorns. They draw up with me flirty notes for hot waiters at Indian restaurants. They play hide and seek with me inside my drawers. And they might even offer to write drunken, silly emails to that guy. Which I totally accepted refused. End of story. I need to colour my hair now. See you next week, goodbye.

Roy playing hide and seek inside my drawers. If that doesn't make you laugh, what will?

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  1. A new post. <3

    What are friends for, man?
    That pic of Roy is hilarious...


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