Monday, October 18, 2010

Coffee and hugs for everyone. And men in heels.

So I feel kind of bad for bitching about Geeksoc on my last blog entry. I went to an anime screening tonight (I especially liked a very silly one about bread and one that was more like the Hayao Miyazaki films I already knew, with a strong fantasy theme), and not only have they changed the rooms, but everyone was so sweet and accommodating and goofy. It was all laughter and hugs and warm and fuzzy feelings. So, looove Geeksoc, even the 3 people who were moaning on the forum about having to change venues. I don't know who you guys are, but let's have a virtual group hug.
Yea, Geeksoc made me happy. What made me also happy is that I found 2 very nice study-cafes. I prefer doing my reading in cafes, as I get more of a "OMGZ I AM IN LONDON"-kick out of it than at home or at the library (also, the library is sort of labyrinth-ish, sans David Bowie. It scares me a little). This habit also lends itself to buying lipstick during study breaks. Which might or might not be a good thing.
Anyways, one of the cafes I found is in Covent Garden (so close enough to uni), the other one's in Shoreditch so I can at least feel super hip while feeling super stupid for not understanding my Marx and Foucault texts. But I still want to find a cafe to do my reading somewhere between Waterloo and London Bridge (preferably not too far south, or there's a 99% chance that I might get lost). So if you know a good place in that area that meets the following criteria, let me know:

- bright and spacious
- no stairs to get in
- either music that is very subdued or very good
- good coffee
- not too crowded

Besides cafes and societies, I have also been to a debauchery of the best kind on Saturday night, a new club night hosted by the amazing Scottee Scottee. Check out pics . none of me, but still worth looking at - ha. Lots of gorgeous men in high heels. I'll now go back to my reading about Oscar Wilde and gay men. Life is good. Have a good night.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Who likes Amanda Palmer?

There's a society for literally everything at my uni: Japanese, Drama, Rugby, dramatic Japanese rugby players.. you name it. As I am new to this concept, I went to a fair where they were giving out presents and free candy, and subsequently decided to check those with the best candy some out.
The first society I got involved with was geek society.On their forum, they discuss a Buffy The Vampire Slayer - sing-a-long-event. Also, geek society sounds almost like Glee Club, and I always wanted to hang out with Kurt and Mercedes. And, let's face it, nerdy is the new cool. And I always wanted to be cool.
So, after talking to some of them online via facebook, I went to an anime screening, which was quite fun. The audience were mainly young men, and I swear some of them looked like straight out of Lord Of The Rings. Super awesome.  What is not so awesome is that all of their activities seem to be happening somewhere on the first floor without a lift. Not all of it in the same room or even same building, but they just seem to generally have a preference for places upstairs. What also isn't so awesome is that when I suggested on their forum that they move some of it to rooms downstairs, some people thought this was very "inconvenient".
Probably people do not realise that this is rude and that it hurts me. Now, I can walk some stairs, but if I do, I need someone to help me. They were very helpful at the one event I went to, but still, situations with lots of stairs mean I can't come or go when I want to, have to ask someone to help me up or down when I want to go to the loo, and walking stairs too often is not very good for my body. Situations where I have to depend on others, especially people I do not know well, make me feel really insecure. As if the whole "meeting new people" didn't make me feel insecure enough. Those situations also make me feel "disabled". If I am in good company and infrastructure is accessible, I do not feel like I have a disability. It is situations that physically challenge me where I am made to feel un-able.
Aaaaaaaaanyway, I am sure noone inteded to hurt me, and in the end some of the geeks turned out to be real stars, and it seems like they are willing to do some stuff in accessible rooms after all. If the Glee Club can do it, Geek Society can do it, right?

I also went to the Creative Writing Society, who were super sweet, instantly switching to a different room when the one that they had orginally booked had a broken lift. They seem generally super nice, talented and witty. One of the girls there has actually stalked met Stephen Fry. Can you believe it.
By the way, I noticed that every cool girl I seem to meet here is a massive Amanda Palmer fan. Why is that? So I decided to add all the KCL students who "like" Amanda Palmer on  facebook. Maybe we can create an AFP society.

god its been a lovely day! everything is going my way
i took out the trash today and i'm on fire...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

chance encounters

So, during my first week in London, in bumped into tallhandsomeOMGsohotandsosweetinreallife Nicholas Hoult.. yea, I just had to rub that under your noses again. This lead to a squealfest in the middle of soho (with a hopefully big enough distance from Mr Hoult not to hear it, though he might have been under the impression that I am "mentally challenged" very intelligent anyway, what with all my stuttering and spluttering witty remarks during our 2 minutes conversation).

he looks even hotter in real life, I swear.

Buuuuut, this also lead to me making this list:


of course I realise that by making this list, I jinxed it and my chance of actually meeting any of those people evaporates to zero, so there's another, secret list of people in my head that I REALLY REALLY want to meet.
here we go:

1) Daniel Radcliffe
Because he seems so cute and awkward and like a good person overall, and also he could teach me Apparition and riding a broomstick and stuff.

you like muggles?

2) Karley Sciortino
Because her blog is absolutely terrifying and addictive. I actually stalked met Karley once, at a London hipster party, but all I managed was a nervous smile, and now she moved to New York. Fail.

3) Blaine Harrison from the Mystery Jets
For obvious reasons (namely his haircut). But I hopefully will, I will I will?!?

4) Marianne Faithfull 
Because she could be my motherly London friend. I want one of those.

5) Alexander Skarsgård
Because he could be my smoking hot heterosexual special friend. I want one of those.

Also, there's a list of people I don't want to meet:

1-5) Your hamster/uncle/grandma/cousin who is in London and needs somewhere to stay. Don't be so cheap, book a hostel ffs. And the same goes for people who haven't talked to me in YEARS, but still think they can use me as a free hotel. Eff you, there's no space. Alexander, Daniel and me are having a pyjama party.