Thursday, September 30, 2010

Whoopie Pies, Ma'am.

It's very a bit pathetic, starting a blog with whining, but pathetic sums up my day pretty well. I had my first seminar on colonial women writers today, and while everyone else seemed so prepared and threw around the names of Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak and Homeboy Bhabha, I felt like a complete failure and did not do much except for staring at my nails. The most attention I drew to myself was when my pen fell on the floor. It's ok. That happens. Nevermind.
After those horrifying 2 hours I jumped on the next bus to a) get away and b) do some retail therapy at Oxford street, but things actually got worse.  Just as my mood lightened up because i found the most perfect dress (checked, long sleeved, peter pan collar.. ) at Urban Outfitters, the salesperson first had the nerve to tell me that UO does not do a student's discount because "London is not a student city" (???!!???) and then went straight on to call me - wait for it - "Ma'am"! How old do I look to you? 27?? 
But I did not let that ruffian discourage me, and headed straight to Selfridges to do some socializing. Roy and I made the acquaintance of an Italian guy who dresses like Lady Gaga over the weekend, and I decided to pay him a visit at his workplace. He seemed absolutely delighted to see me, but somehow was under the impression that I was his fangirl or something - he even told his co-worker that "this young lady" (which soothed my ego after the M-word) came here JUST to visit him, and that she would be the first of many.
I find his confidence inspiring. Also, I am very desperate for some friends here. My attempts to make friends at uni were a massive fail so far.(...)

What  really cheered me up, though, is that Roy got us tickets to see Whoopie Goldberg in Sister Act, The Musical. Yayayayay!!!!!  Because: 1. Whoopie is the coolest. 2. I was obsessed with Sister Act when I was 10. 3. This means Roy will come to London again in only 3 weeks 4. Roy is the most amazing person and the bestest company imaginable to stalk Whoopie. 

Whoopie makes everything better and makes my patheticness go away. Win. Thanks for reading, in case you did.