Monday, January 3, 2011

Sexy pears!

Happy New Year, Lovelies!!
How are we? Did you make any resolutions? I never do. I usually re-evaluate myself or my life on my birthday, that feels much more personal. But of course we are all a work in progress, and I recently discovered some things I am good at and some I am bad at:

  • eating cookies
  • singstar (although I have to admit that my chances of winning massively increase if the other person decides to rap every single song.  Even Spice Girls and David Bowie.)
  • catching trains. 
  • concentrating on essay deadlines. I get distracted far too easily by cute guys who make me laugh. Luckily there aren't any in London (that is, if you don't leave your room until you finished two 4000-word essays)
I've also come to appreciate over the Christmas break several things we have in Switzerland that London doesn't have. Even pavements is one of those things. Taps that let you choose your exact water temperature is another. But nevermind, life is good and I'll blog regularly again now that I'm back in London.
What makes me happy is that I tackled one of my essays. It was about pears and sex or something. Now, on to the next one about umbrellas and zoos. I feel positively modernist. Also, positively tired.

Happy 2011, Babychams!

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