Saturday, November 13, 2010

Britney's got attitude.

I don't really have time to blog, I still have to finish an essay on how Oscar Wilde invented homosexuality.
Buuuuuuuuuut I promised one Happy-Blog every week, and this was one of the bestest weeks ever, so I decided to give Oscar some privacy for a moment, even though that won't help him much. Poor Oscar.

Cardiff/Roy/pink unicorn
I went to visit Roy in Cardiff. Roy is the coolest, sweetest and overall best person in the world. The fact that he presented me with a massive pink unicorn balloon when he picked me up at the station only confirms this. The Unicorn is called Chee Cho and now lives on my door. Cardiff is pretty, especially Cardiff Bay. Sometimes the Mystery Jets play there. They seem to like pink unicorns too, good for them.
Here's a picture of Roy and the unicorn which is full of awesomeness.

It doesn't get much better than sitting in my kitchen with Frank and Christina, inventing new words. Because Frank and Christina are clever like that. I love having clever friends visiting me.

Dancing to Britney with Christina and Jakes
..At a new club night called "Haute". It was awesome. A band was playing too, they were called "Pandering and the Golddiggers". They were super fierce. We had gin and tonics. It was so much fun. According to a massively stylish gothic lady-man, Jakes is my "main friend". That's cool, I never had a "main friend", and I like that it's Jake, because he is adorable and awesome and the Sporty Spice to my Ginger Spice. Viva Forever.
We also met that night a loony Austrian who let me give him a glitter makeover (but his shoes were so ugly, the makeup couldn't really save his look) and a sk8erboi who sernaded us with Avril Lavigne songs on our way home. "He was a punk, she did ballet , what more can I say?"

 Attitude is Everything
Attitude is Everything improves disabled people's access to live music. This is very important, because I think gigs and music can make such a difference to someone's life. For many young people, live venues play a massive role in their social life, but at the same time so many of them are not very accessible for disabled people. I got in touch with attitude after the London nightclub Heaven denied me access to a gig this spring because I'm in a wheelchair. Heaven sucks. Don't go to Heaven, kids.
So, I think "Attitude is Everything" is a really cool and important organisation, which is why I'm going to work for them. Do check them out.


  1. I'm happy to read that you are feeling good, Nina! Great blog, I love it. Hugs, Ines (the anonymous one ;))

  2. Awwww, rock on Girl!!!! <3
    Massive Hugs,


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