Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy without shoes

Last night I made a resolution. No more angsty or emo blog entries. After all, being emo is only cool if you are 13 and wear a size 6, And I'm twice.. both, actually. When my friends tell me what they like about me, it's usually my positive, optimistic attitude. Somehow I lost that a bit during the last couple of weeks, and I am determined to get it back. Full hardcore style.
So, from now on, instead of telling you how much I hate my bank assistant or how much I am terrified of handing in my first essay here, I will dedicate one entry a week to things that made me happy. Because I am bloody worth it, and even more so are you, dear reader. Let's do it! Here we go, in no particular oder (actually, that sentence is almost always a lie. There is always an order. But figure it out yourself):

1) Coffee
The salesguy at Pret A Manger today offered me my latte "on the house". Just because he wanted to. That made me happy.

2) Boys in my flat
Last night I had a little accident. It was very unglamourous and involved me falling over backwards on the floor and a whole tub of tomato soup that I drenched myself and half of the kitchen in. It was disgusting. However, my flatmate Julian did not only help me up from the floor, he also helped me cleaning and reassured me that the smell of tomato soup everywhere was in fact rather pleasant. That was very sweet of him. I really like all of my flatmates, although I felt a bit weird around them in the beginning, as they are not the kind of people I am used to hanging out with (all three of them are heterosexual males, after all). All three of them are lovely.

3) Time of my life
Last night was the radio premiere of Patrick Wolf's new single "Time of my life". Back in December 2008 a snippet of it was released in the "Battle Megamix". At that time I had been in and out of hospital for 2 years due to an ongoing problem with my feet, and I had to get used to the fact that I wouldn't be allowed to wear normal, cute shoes anymore. In that snippet Patrick sang "Happy without you", but to me it sounded like "Happy without shoes" and I found that strangely comforting. And it is true, I am now, 2 years later, happy without shoes, with healthy feet and orthopaedic boots. For me, this song symbolizes how Patrick Wolf single-handedly transformed what could have easily been the darkest two years of my life into a time of glittery adventures. Sure, I had to go to the hospital every bloody week, but I also wore sequined dresses and danced to the "Magic Position" in Berlin, London and, umm, Düdingen. As Nick Grimshaw would say, "well done, Patrick Wolf". I love the song dearly, and so should you, even if you are able to wear pretty shoes. It's got handclapping and gorgeous strings and.. Just listen to it.

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