Tuesday, October 5, 2010

chance encounters

So, during my first week in London, in bumped into tallhandsomeOMGsohotandsosweetinreallife Nicholas Hoult.. yea, I just had to rub that under your noses again. This lead to a squealfest in the middle of soho (with a hopefully big enough distance from Mr Hoult not to hear it, though he might have been under the impression that I am "mentally challenged" very intelligent anyway, what with all my stuttering and spluttering witty remarks during our 2 minutes conversation).

he looks even hotter in real life, I swear.

Buuuuut, this also lead to me making this list:


of course I realise that by making this list, I jinxed it and my chance of actually meeting any of those people evaporates to zero, so there's another, secret list of people in my head that I REALLY REALLY want to meet.
here we go:

1) Daniel Radcliffe
Because he seems so cute and awkward and like a good person overall, and also he could teach me Apparition and riding a broomstick and stuff.

you like muggles?

2) Karley Sciortino
Because her blog is absolutely terrifying and addictive. I actually stalked met Karley once, at a London hipster party, but all I managed was a nervous smile, and now she moved to New York. Fail.

3) Blaine Harrison from the Mystery Jets
For obvious reasons (namely his haircut). But I hopefully will, I will I will?!?

4) Marianne Faithfull 
Because she could be my motherly London friend. I want one of those.

5) Alexander SkarsgÄrd
Because he could be my smoking hot heterosexual special friend. I want one of those.

Also, there's a list of people I don't want to meet:

1-5) Your hamster/uncle/grandma/cousin who is in London and needs somewhere to stay. Don't be so cheap, book a hostel ffs. And the same goes for people who haven't talked to me in YEARS, but still think they can use me as a free hotel. Eff you, there's no space. Alexander, Daniel and me are having a pyjama party.


  1. hahaha if you get to see mr skarsgard CALL ME CALL ME CALL ME
    xx jenny

  2. Of course jenny, I'd never forget our deal!


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